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About Film & Animation / Student Premium Member May Blossom21/Female/Canada Groups :iconff-psx: FF-PSX
the Final Fantasy Awesome era!
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Why do you watch me? C: 

14 deviants said Because I admire you!
10 deviants said For your dragons!
9 deviants said Because I like you!
7 deviants said Because you're nice!
6 deviants said For your style!
2 deviants said For your horses!
2 deviants said BECAUSE NO. xD
No deviants said For your characters!
No deviants said For your creatures!

My adopted Buddies!!

Rhylix Rhylix Reference by obsidianEMOtion
Daimyth Daimyth by May-Ya
Nero Dragon Adopt TAKEN by JamiesAdoptz
Abel Dragon Adopt TAKEN by JamiesAdoptz
Nameless I adopted ...!! by May-Ya
Alguna Colours Under the Sun by May-Ya
Sheal #2 Seal Batch 2 [CLOSED] by Squidoptables
#1 Tailmouth Adopts Batch 2 :CLOSED: by StoneWarrior-101
Meka Custom for May-ya by Uwakiii
Plume (#1) Feathered Dragon Adoptables 2 -closed- by JulkkulisAdopt
Kareeva :thumb443534685:
Unitato Family for May-Ya by FaIIenSilver
Personna Rainbow Sheep Adopt (Closed) by MyuOneeChan
Ciro Cloud Wing Egg Adopt 3 Revealed by horseygirl119
Cicero (#3) Mixed Creature Adopts 63 [Point Option Added!] by Adopt-Monstar
Vekel (#4)
Palette Adopt For May-Ya by Landa-Wolf
#2 WINNERS Equine Adoptable Auction by gyngercookie
Mara #1 Egg 1 Hatched by Ali--Bear
Zigrath Zigrath by May-Ya
218 by Saint-Kemo
griffin babys May-Ya by StephsAdopts
Chappy #6 Open Cat Adoptables c: by HolliKyo
Princess Egg Adoptable #1 by Hochmut
#4 Mixed Creature Adopts 82 [Point Option Included!] by Adopt-Monstar
Egg Adoptable #4 by Hochmut
Ivor [#3] Adoptable baby Dragons CLOSED by StephsAdopts
Kata [#2] Old OC concepts for sale [4/4] by n-uII

My wonderful Friends!!!!!!!!

My DA Buddies <3 [in no order]
:iconblazinflizard::iconmiiroir::iconeden-west::iconvalorie-sonsaku::iconmirax3163::iconkjdragon::iconblueyescyberdustdrag::iconluxiella::iconluvykissy::iconsarahrichford::iconaesd::iconkurootus::iconyxuwyrm::iconkharemi::iconawyrsente::iconspirit-of-kashmira::iconmistressapocalypse::iconqueenofdragins::iconsarahhite::iconhorizonbear::iconshadowhunterspartan::iconealaain::iconlahidylart::iconnavarose::iconjojoiwi::iconsutasei::icondaxrulz::icondbardot::icondrakenangelus2::icondxwl013::icongreenleo94::iconjijikero::iconteta-cat::icontoumatoo::iconkyokoh::iconluisavfm::iconsutasei::iconwolfess-sanu::iconcccsteam::iconderailedapparition::iconxxdeidara-samaxx::iconxsilverflowerx::iconxyorutenshi::iconwatolf::iconzeitgeistdragon::iconyoukai45::iconsealyanphoenix::iconparadoxcore::iconpochidechu::iconnv8::iconnoisybunny::iconsilverspegel: :iconkairuko:

Real Life Friends
:iconakatsuki-no-hikari: :iconalexsilverx: Best Friends
:iconcookz-monster: distant but adorable friend
:iconendless-fantasy-182: The Good gurl ;D turtle.. lol
:iconimspiritb: Yaoi lover partner xD Sephiroth x Sebastion the crab bro!
:iconsecl4: Very ticklish.... veeeeery ticklish.
:iconshyell: Sweet giggler and great gingerbread cookie master..hihi
:iconmadewithsugar: MOUUUTTTTEEEE. Moupeh!
:iconthenicknicknico: Mah Brony friend!



[ Tell me if I forgot you D; I've got so many that I want to list and I'm doomed to forget.. if we talk or talked often it counts also :heart:]


Adopt one today! May-ya Pokemon Team Commission by TeguFace

Tauros by CreepyJellyfishPersian by CreepyJellyfishMightyena by CreepyJellyfish
Onix by CreepyJellyfishSteelix by CreepyJellyfishTyrantrum by CreepyJellyfish
Dragonite by CreepyJellyfishCloyster by CreepyJellyfishNoibat by CreepyJellyfish
X/Y Vaporeon Cursor by mid0456X/Y Spheal Cursor by mid0456Noctowl by CreepyJellyfish
Garchomp-mega by CreepyJellyfishWailord by CreepyJellyfish
Avalugg by CreepyJellyfishFREE Bouncy Articuno Icon by KattlingNidoking by CreepyJellyfish
Ariados by CreepyJellyfish


[To] Queen-of-the-umbra by May-Ya
[To] Queen-of-the-umbra

my part of the trade... I went for the wyvern ;3; ...ahem.. of course...  

WHEW. That was a lot of work. WELP. Here are my new options for commissioning me!

There are new categories all sorted out here!…

Note me if interested!!

I hope you understand that I changed the prices to what I believed was worth what I was working for. :I 
And that includes my new rule set to better suit you! x3

idk in which category to put this in...sorry

Daimyth by May-Ya
(having internet problems.. third time trying to upload this without problems. Not going to write down the description a third time. No sir-ee :XD: )
Gift [Comm] to Nidhoggur87 by May-Ya
Gift [Comm] to Nidhoggur87
Gift for the wonderful :iconnidhoggur87: who just recently commissioned me c:
I hope it's to your liking !! :D As requested, a bearded vulture creature!

This was major fun. I enjoyed every moment while drawing this!



Journal Entry: Fri Feb 27, 2015, 7:35 PM
Procrastinator lv over 9000

CSS Skin

Hello fellow friends and watchers!

There is a lot of information here that you might want to take a look at, here I go;

I'm here to say that I have finally settled in a new home.
Next to none were aware that I was in the process of a move and that's because I wasn't given much time to move out and find a new place,
things got pretty hectic and I had to shut off my time for drawing and activity here on Deviantart.
Thus why I didn't really inform you guys for my disappearance... >_> My apologies!

On the bright side; I've got a great new home in which I really feel is, beyond belief, a huge relief and sense of greatness. ;3;
I hope you guys understand, that for the longest of time, I felt that I was falling appart,
and most of those times the choices I made felt wrong and it wasn't always easy to live with,
but now I think that things will get better and I feel much better! (:

I want to thank all of those who still support me and stick by my side!
It is important to me that you know that I appreciate every single comment given on my page and artworks, 
Plus, I will soon be able to reply to ALL of my messages that have been accumulating digital dust in my inbox. x,D
Woohoo! Improvement!

Regarding :star:COMMISSIONS!:star: 
They are temporarily closed. 
I will be renovating my commission options,
optimizing my links, descriptions, offers and bundles,
adding and removing commission choices
AND setting guidelines and requirements,
all to better suit what I am really capable of offering you
so that it doesn't take me months to finish because of my personal lack of esteem and motivation.
And so, I will be opening them soon again!! ;D

Regarding :star:TRADES:star:
I would like to set some limitations to trades, because I adore other people's art. A lot.
But art is hard work and sometimes it takes a lot of time.
These days, there isn't that much time...
So, I hope you understand that I will furthermore only ask for trades myself,
either like I did in my previous journal a few months ago, 
or I will go ask someone personally.
Please do not ask me for trades unless I post something in the future. 
if you find a post of mine that says I'm open to trade, do make sure that it is PASSED/AFTER this date: 27th of February 2015.
[Trades that have been accepted before that date will be completed/ I haven't forgotten those of you in whom it concerns/ it's written down on my main page] 

Regarding :star:REQUESTS:star:
Requests are always welcome.
However, I may or may not end up drawing what you requested. 
I don't want you to be insulted if what you've requested doesn't end up being drawn,
because to me, a request is an idea; not necessarily needing to be done.
But I like to see what you folks have in mind and what you would like to see from me nonetheless.
It has been a very long time since I have accepted any requests at all,
this goes back to my :deviantartjamielle9: account. In which was disbanded in 2009. 

Regarding :star:COLLABORATIONS:star:
I really don't have much experience with collaborations,
but I'm an eager little munchkin to learn new things, so collabs are an open subject.
Only, I will ask for them by journal or poll,
so watch out for them in the future if you're interested in a collaboration with me.

Regarding :star:CONTESTS:star:
I have a hard time finding participants in my contests,
so I'm not certain when I will feel like throwing another challenge your way.
I would really like to know what you guys would like for a contest
because I want to see and bring together all the beautiful and aspiring works you guys can come up with,
plus, last time, prizes were over 1000 :points:, a 3 month premium, drawings from more than one artist and features...
I thought I was pretty generous and I was hoping to motivate a few of you to be motivated.. :c but alas. xD
I'm not sure what happened there, perhaps it was just bad timing,
but please, do let me know what you guys are interested in doing and maybe I will throw another one in the future!
For now, things should be quiet.

Regarding :star::iconrainbowplz:ANYTHING ELSE:iconrainbowplz::star:
Ask me! I don't bite! n,n

Lastly, I have a lot of replies and comments to answer. 
BUT FEAR NOT! All will be answered in due time! 
sadly, the number of comments that I have scares me and I tend to want to wait before replying
 because I want to reply correctly and give it importance and thought. :c I'm sorry for caring so much about you xD lol

I have to thank the, like, hundreds of people who FAVED my works... It's unbelievable !
I'm really impressed by how you folks seem to be enjoying my works and I'm really happy to have achieved this praise from all of you.
I often underestimate my works, as I know I have a lot to work on and improve, but I will be drawing soon again in hopes to get even better! :)

Thanks a lot guys!
You know I love you (;



Here, have a song c: 

(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

  • Mood: Doubtful
  • Playing: Skyrim

Waiting List

I was commissioned by:

The art is in the making for:

:iconmirax3163: 50% Progress Bar - 50% by ColMea



:iconicestardragonhc: 50% Progress Bar - 50% by ColMea

I commissioned/I bought/ won and waiting for:

Peeps I WANT to commission xD

LeaTenshi Agate x Hippolyte Litter [CLOSED] by Squidoptables


Mar 28, 2015
10:59 pm
Mar 28, 2015
8:48 pm
Mar 28, 2015
2:13 pm
Mar 28, 2015
10:52 am
Mar 28, 2015
9:15 am


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